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I made it down to historic Birmingham, Alabama a couple of weeks ago to attend a friend’s wedding. Having never been through the city before, I was surprised by the beauty of the architecture, public art, and parks in downtown Birmingham.

However, Birmingham has seen it’s share of hard times – like any other southern city, the nice parts of downtown are adjacent to more run down areas of the city. Downtown Birmingham was no exception but somehow there is a timeworn beauty to these older buildings.

Lichter’s Sign in Downtown Birmingham, Alabama

A faded wall mural sign for Uniforms in Downtown Birmingham

Birmingham Alabama downtown YWCA

Jefferson Courthouse in Birmingham, Alabama

Birmingham Art Museum

Birmingham Blazers Stadium and Mascot at University of Alabama Birmingham (UAB)

Memorial to Patriots at the Jefferson Courthouse in Birmingham, Alabama

Abandoned Gas Station

A James Drake statue depicting police Brutality at the Civil Rights Museum in Birmingham entitled “The Foot Soldier”

The Raymond Kasky Statue of 3 Ministers in Kelly Ingram Park (John Thomas Porter, Nelson H. Smith and A. D. King)

Lyric antique fire escape in downtown Birmingham

Architectural scroll detail at the Jefferson Courthouse

Old Style \ vintage blue Parking Meter in Birmingham, Alabama

New Ideal sign in Downtown Birmingham, Alabama

The historic 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham – this church was fire bombed during the civil rights movement

Civil Rights March Route Sign in Birmingham, Alabama

Oscar Wells Memorial – Birmingham Museum of Art

Police Attack Dog Sculpture at Kelly Ingram Park by James Drake entitled ‘POLICE AND DOG ATTACK’

“Firehosing of Demonstrators” by James Drake Sculpture of water cannons being turned on protesters next to the Civil Rights Museum at Kelly Ingram Park

Downtown Birmingham, Alabama urban decay

University of Alabama Birmingham (UAB) Campus sculpture РAspirations by  Branko Medenica

A sculpture in Kelley Ingram Park of children behind bars by James Drake entitled “Children’s March”. The caption reads “I ain’t afraid of your jail”

Alabama Theater in downtown Birmingham


  • I am delighted that you find our city so beautiful and interesting, and your photographs reflect this. I would like to suggest that you include the sculptor’s name for each sculpture you post. Artists are very often not credited with their work, and would very much appreciate being recognized. The “abstract dragon” at UAB is actually not a representational–of a dragon or anything else. It is simply abstract, and is called “Aspirations”. The sculptor is Branko Medenica, http://www.brankoart.com.
    Thanks for your beautiful photographs. Just look for the identifying plaque on art works in the future.

  • Hi Deborah, thanks for taking the time to leave a comment, and yes Birmingham is very pretty. I appreciate your research and took your suggestion and added the title and artist to the abstract sculpture and I actually did originally credit some of the other artists in my captions.

    I do try to accurately represent artists where i can. Please realize though that finding attribution is sometimes more difficult than you might think and since I don’t do this for a living, going to extra mile to attribute everything takes a lot of time that I don’t necessarily have.

    Also realize I’m just a guy who likes to take pictures for fun, so I’m not going to have the standards as a news publication (all the research tends to drain the joy out of taking pictures). Often I have to look things up on the Internet to find out what I took a photo of and it takes several hours to do this per post if I have a lot of photos.

  • Mike Williams -


    I really enjoyed these, having grown up outside of B’ham. I was Googling for images of Kelly Ingram Park sculptures to share with my students, who are reading “Letter From Birmingham Jail” right now. Enjoyed the photos a lot!
    Mike Williams, SC

  • Peter,

    Great pics. You should visit us again and see the wonderful improvements we have made since your last visit and post the changes and additions. :-)

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