Vietnam 2008 – Modes of Transportation

Peter Tsai Photography – Austin, Texas.

In my last post from my trip to Southeast Asia in March 2008, I highlighted portraits of Cambodian people.  This post is a portrait of a city (Hanoi, Vietnam) using transportation as the common thread that connects the photos together.

You can tell how far along a country is in it’s development by what the people are riding around in. Gone are the days of the ubiquitous bicycle all over Asia… as more money flows into Asia, scooters and mopeds are in. In the richer Asian cities, cars have replaced mopeds.

Vietnam is an emerging country but it’s still a little bit behind by western standards, but it’s really moving up in the world. The streets here are full of great opportunities for photography, and it was quite easy to get candid shots, as no one really paid any attention to me.

I was only in Vietnam for a few days, but I really enjoyed my time here.

Traffic moves around a huge roundabout outside of the Hanoi Sofitel

Ho Chi Minh’s Russian made luxury car

People on a rowboat in Halong Bay, an hour outside of Hanoi

Fisherman at work in Halong Bay

A crew member of a tourism boat in Halong Bay

Young men on a smoke break in Hanoi

A man sends a text message on a mobile phone on a street where no cars are allowed

Smoke break and a nap in Hanoi

Stores and vendors along the train tracks

A beer delivery boy in Hanoi

A resourceful man moves large packages on a bicycle

Afternoon nap on a motorcycle

A homemade motorcycle truck


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