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Kaohsiung, Taiwan 2008

Located near the southern tip of the island, Kaohsiung is a large city in Taiwan that recently had a face lift. With a newly developed waterfront project, a brand new subway, and a high speed rail line that goes all the way to Taipei in the North, Kaohsiung has become a popular destination in Taiwan. Check out the photos I took during 1 day in Kaohsiung in March, 2008.

Underneath a lighted bridge on the “Love River” on the Kaohsiung Waterfront

The brand new Central Park Station on the Kaohsiung MRT

My family waits for a train on the MRT

View from the former British Consulate

The stairs leading up to the former British Consulate in Kaohsiung at Takao (means hitting the dog – I have no idea why it’s called that)

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