Travel Photography – Madrid and Toledo, Spain 2004

Photos from my trip to Spain in 2004 – the country is beautiful although I had mixed feelings about the trip due to some drama and an attempted mugging where I had to fight off a gypsy who tried to steal my camera! I guess it’s all funny a few years later.

On the way from Paris to Madrid, I flew over this little town built around a church. Yep nothing like this in the States! I know that this image has the trendy “fake tilt shift” look to it, but no Photoshop trickery here – the blur is caused by the heat of the jet engine.

Perros Calientes! The Spanish take their translations literally here. If you are ever in Madrid I wouldn’t get these… I think the hot dogs are the best here in the US. Also, Gofres are belgian waffles w/ syrup on them.

The old meets the new in a street scene on the streets of Madrid.

Looking into one of the many courtyards of the Palacio Real, the Royal Palace of Spain.

The exterior of the Palacio Real in Madrid, Spain

The city wall of Toledo protects this old city

Christmas decorations and storefronts illuminate the night in Toledo, Spain.

A street performer dressed up as bull fighter stands perfectly still on the streets of Madrid (in front of a currency exchange).

A family looks through the window of a tapas bar in Madrid, Spain. I didn’t get to eat the calamari there, but the tapas in Madrid were all delicious (with the exception of the raw sardines – yuck!)


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