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Austin, Texas – Castle Hill Graffiti AKA Foundation Graffiti

In the shadow of some of the tallest buildings in downtown Austin is a hidden spot that has become a graffiti Mecca to aspiring “writers.” This abandoned lot in the Castle Hill neighborhood has received attention from some of the most famous Street artists: Shepard Fairey, the well known street artist who designed Barack Obama’s HOPE poster pasted up some very large pieces on the back wall at this location, which is known as the “Foundation”.

This spot hasn’t always been so popular – 3 years ago I did a portrait photo shoot here and there were many more weeds and vines on the wall than graffiti pieces. Today the tables have turned – virtually every usable stretch of wall has been used. Why has this place become so popular in the last few years? I have a feeling it has to do with the mass influx of creative people from areas of the country where Street Art is more popular like New York and Los Angeles.

This is a great off the beaten path place for photographer to visit – enter at your own risk though – the grounds are not maintained and no trespassing signs are posted!

UPDATE (07/17/2012) – the Foundation Graffiti site now has an official name: The Hope Outdoor Gallery Project. The origins of the name of “the Foundation” are when a condo was supposed to be developed there, but then it failed inspection (I believe the ground was not stable enough to support the building they wanted to put on top of it, so the project could not be completed. I found an Austin Chronicle article that explains how Dick Clark (a popular developer in Austin) owns the land.

Red and Yellow Jester, Dog, and Turtle Graffiti – Artist Unknown

Large Obey Paste Ups by Sheppard Fairey of Obama HOPE and Exit Through the Gift Shop fame

2 Walls at the Foundation – “The Grass is Greener” and a Grasshopper mural – artists unknown

Japanese Anime style graffiti behind advancing weed growth – artist unknown

Flying Man Kite Graffiti – Artist Unknown

Walls are almost completely covered at the Foundation – Black and White Sheppard Fairey Obey paste on the back wall

Brittney Spears Streetart by the local Austin Graffiti Artist Niz

Jodie Foster piece by Austin Graffiti Artist Niz

2 more works Austin Graffiti Artist Niz (images of females in the foreground)

The foundation hosts many different styles of street art – Artists Unknown

Window frame from some long abandoned building

Chupacabra StreetArt ? – artist uknown

Monsters – Artist Unknown

This guy looks like he’s being punched in the face by a Wildstyle piece by various artists including well known local Graffiti Artist Sloke One.

Japanese Mountain Graffiti in Austin, Texas – Artist Unknown

The grass is greener Graffiti staring out at what else? green grass

Poker Graffiti – also Sheppard Fairey paste ups on the back wall

What the Foundation walls looked like in October, 2008 – no graffiti on the walls, just vines and a few small patches that had been painted over.


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