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Instagram 365 Project – One iPhone Photo a Day in 2011

Smartphones like the iPhone and the Android devices are thin, light, connected to the Internet, and come equipped with pretty decent cameras. Smartphones are also becoming indispensable pieces of technology as we are increasingly calling, texting, and updating each other via social media apps such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Our increasing dependency on smartphones means that they are always with us and for a shutterbug like me, my iPhone camera is a great way for me to document what’s going on in my life – a sort of social photo diary for people with bad memories.

Below are my selected 365 Instagram photos from 2011 – Hover over any of the photos below to see a caption and what day it was taken on. Click on the image to see a full sized picture.

Do any of you keep a 365 photo gallery? Do you find that smartphones make it easier to keep up with taking one photo a day for a whole year?

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